Dear friends and others who may have found their way here. This the end of year wrap up for Chuck and Diana. Not the famous ones mind you, but common folk of Fitchburg Wisconsin,2016!

While we didn't do a lot this year (We barely left Dane County), we are shocked at how fast this year has flown by. The year started out in auspicious fashion on December 22, 2015, when our dishwasher tripped Diana and broke her ankle. It was during the "Christmas with the Kids" event! The actual breaking was not discovered until after Christmas when the "boot" came home from the doctor's office. Diana was hobbled for many weeks, but never really slowed down much.

As far as I can tell I never did much in January, but in February I was drafted into the Girl Scouts. Task one was simple and just involved the moving of many cases of cookies into Jenny's front room. Easy Peasy! In March my involvement  got a little more complex, with the construction of nine Squirrel Boxes that the troop was assembling for use at the Humane Society's Wooded Area (I'm sure it has a name, but for the purposes of this letter  I think  capping the first letters of the generic description will have to suffice.) I too was surprised that anyone would purposely build shelters for squirrels, but it seems many baby squirrels get orphaned and the humane society needs places to shelter them until they can get big enough to eat holes into attics and such. I just cut the wood for the boxes, the scouts actually assembled them, so I feel my culpability is limited with resect to any damaged such saved squirrels may have caused subsequent to their rescues. In May I found myself tasked to retrofit  two 55 gallon drums into rain barrels so the troop could decorate them for use at the Community Garden in McFarland.