Lilac, Peonies,Clematis

These are the early garden arrivals for 2016.

Top row: Daffodils, Rhododendron, Double Tulips

Bottom row: Trillium, Crabapple, Lemon Queen (Balloon Flower)

Diana's and Chuck's 2016 Garden

Columbine, Hosta, Mini Dhalia

Mini Dhalia, Double Tulip, Iris

​Pansies, Bugleweed and sweet woodruff, Clematis.

​Campanula (Canterbury Bells), Iris, Allium

This next group of photos were taken throughout  May. Again click on photo to get a larger image.

Hugh's Stump Planters, Mini Iris

Smoke Bush (Almost killed 2 years agony Verticillium Wilt, but she's back now!)

Double Tulips (which I thought very beautiful well past their prime), Kangaroo Paws, Astilbe 

Daffodil with Virginia Bluebells, Hosta and Bugleweed,Iris

Click on Image for larger Picture

Siberian Iris, Poppies, Peony