Diana planted many tulips last fall, we were happily rewarded this spring with huge vibrant blooms. The first picture below is a Fern Peony which yielded it's first bloom this year. Worth the two year wait.

The Red Clematis vines are in full glory at the end of May. Third year for this vine. The white companion vine is just starting to open.The bottom row of pictures show the first white blooms and how they look next to each other.

Gardens 2017-1

​Click on any photo to see enlargement. Then use arrows to scroll through the photos in that group. Descriptions are in lower left hand corner of enlarged photo.

The first of the Peonies have bloomed. This particular group has thrived on the south side of the house! The blooms this year are huge, some with diameters of 8". These were a gift from Dave and Marilyn Kasten, 22 years ago. The final two photos are of white peonies that I got from a friend, Frank Slezak, a couple of years back. These are the first blooms since the transplant.

Below are the various Irises in the gardens. Pictures 1&3 are Irises from my Mom Henrietta, a long time gardener. Picture 2 is an Iris from my long time friend Edith Wilimovsky, who was a terrific gardener. Pictures 4 & 5 are Siberian Irises that came as a surprise in some Day Lillies we bought a few years back.

​The second row pictures Alliums in different parts of the front yard gardens. Carly and I have found many uses for the dried flower heads. Last year they were part of a spooky headpiece attached to 15 foot sunflower stalk.