Random shots of the Right Front Garden.

A few different perspectives on the Front Left Garden and and the Front Porch.

The first two photos are of our Red & White Columbine, third is of a Purple Columbine. The     4th picture is a Lilly of theValley. The bottom row starts with White and Pink Bleeding Hearts, the Bugel weed and finally a Sum & Substance Hosta ( one of the few Hostas we have where we know the name). 

These are few of are more unusual plants.The first photo is the larger of two Smoke Bushes in our collection. We almost lost this one two years ago to what we thought was Verticillium Wilt. We planted some Broccoli nearby and the plant has recovered fully. The second photo is a plant called Bear's Britches. It looks all spikey right now, we hope to see a very exotic bloom soon. Gift to me from Travis, Jenny and Carly Goodlund for my birthday last year (maybe Father's Day). The final 2 photos are something called Black Stockings, a Mom's Day gift to Diana by the aforementioned Goodlund Family. 

Garden 2017-2

​Click on any photo to see enlargement. Then use arrows to scroll through photos in that group.Descriptions are in lower left hand corner of the enlarged photo.