Big spider, we could use a victim for him next year.

Front Porch at night. Witchey, camera shy Diana, in lower right corner of picture.

Carly drew the faces on our Zuccini and Burlap Ghosts.

Halloween 2016

The outfit for this lovely lady was rescued from Great Gramma Susmilch's "inventory reduction sale." She sucked blood from a bottle and rocked on the front porch.

There were two of these guys, they whirled in the wind. You might be asking what pray tell is it? These guys all started with a call from Jenny, Carly and Travis from the ReStore. They were sure that the spikey things would make good halloween props. Add a few garage items And we wound up with a couple of whirling aliens.

Elmer just dug himself out of the ground. Elmer's head gear came from a surplus store called Delaney's. Elmer's formal name is Elmer Richard Fredrick (Erf) for short.

Carly thought the buzzard we had was too fakey up close. We put him up in a tree and he was more impactful!

​Carly and I about Mid-Hog.

​Dog walker, puppy found someone to play with.

This guy was my effort to save on structural materials, he looked pretty good till we had a huge rainstorm a couple of days before halloween.His misshapen body is the result of several broken joints. his face was quite distorted, another lesson learned, never spray paint styrofoam.

The caged Guinea Pig Head is surrounded by home raised pumpkins.

Carly and I were on our way home trying to come up with a name for our Hog, when we passed a truck from Growndyke Trucking. The Hog became Grunter Growendyke.

This fellow was stationed at the bottom of the driveway. He lights up, shakes and says scary things as people pass him.